Much more than a marketplace

We bring value to artisans and enable them to sustainably satisfy as many customers as possible around the world.

Neolli is for ambitious, passionate, determined and resilient people who want to have a real impact on the world.


It all starts with Meryem and Amine , the founders of Neolli.

We did Neolli because we have always been fascinated by local artisans. That’s why we organized many visits to local artisans. What we experienced blew our minds. Not only did we meet great people there. We also found that there are lot of talented artisans with great ambitions. However, the ecosystems are — at least from the outside — hard to access and artisans didn’t have the exposure and recognition they deserved.

Without knowing it,  Neolli . was born.

Throughout our visits our passion for local handmade product and producers grew even stronger. And the potential and need was clear. We knew that we were working on the right topic. We knew we could do better. Also, the model we was neither scalable nor efficient.
We had to reimagine it. And this is how Neolli Marketplace was born , A artisan’s marketplace by artisans and for artisans.

They develop the concept with a team of engineers , designers and operational specialists .

They took part of an incubation programm led by HSEVEN Africa and their support has made it possible to strengthen the business model, anticipate certain risks and make impactful encounters around the world.

Meryem and Amine quickly surrounded themselves with a team of young and determined specialist to get things going and help artisans achieve their goals.

In less than a year, the web plateform was ready, with hundreds of proposed products and many artisans stores.

And it's just getting  started ...